“Thank you so much! Mom is so happy with the job you did… and believe me, she doesn’t compliment people that much!”
– Brenda
“Melinda you’re remarkable!! Dad thought you were great too. When I told Dr. Van Der Merwe that Dad was getting Diabetic Foot Care from you, he said that great!” They are feeling good. You’ve got great hands. I will definitely be booking Foot Care with you again soon. Thank you also for looking after my Dad every 4 weeks, He loves the visits!”
– Hughie
“Sweet Feet provides a relaxed at home atmosphere with a professional touch. The care is 2nd to none and with the experience learned by working previously in the health care profession, Melinda will not only soften your nails and feet, but will touch your heart. She also has enough knowledge to recognize problems that need to be referred to your family doctor. An experience you will cherish!”
– Barry
“Had an email from my Mom after her appointment yesterday. Message just said “WOW!!!” You’re doing something right if my grouchy Dad enjoyed it. You have a gift – you are a great influence!”
– Bonnie
“Thank you so much for going to the hospital to do my sister’s foot care. She sounded so good after your visit. Thank you for doing her fingernails as well. Do you think we could hire you to be her friend?! Your visits always calm her.”
– Janice
“The chiropractor adjusted my middle toe, upon your recommendation, and it is better. It has been better even still since you’ve done reflexology on my feet. Please re-book me for the week of the 18-21st. Thank you for caring!”
– Pam
“My drives from Swift Current are worth my time and effort! My feet are doing much better because of your reflexology treatments. No other treatments have been as beneficial as yours!”
– Darwin
“My session with Melinda was a very positive experience. Her professional approach in caring for my feet combined with her very caring attentive and grace filled personality truly was a blessing for me After my reflexology treatment I was pleasantly surprised as my body seemed to be very relaxed and much of the pain had dissipated. I definitely benefited from the treatment and the gift of her caring presence.”
– Ray